Bali Coco

A new manufacturing process exclusive to Mirage
This technology breakthrough brings out all the natural pigments in each species for a range of rich colors integral to the wood’s very fiber.

A one-of-a-kind look in inspirational colors
A look with exotic appeal in alluring colors like Bali Coco, the first choice on your voyage of discovery.

Consistent color through and through
The same rich color runs through the entire thickness of the wood, unlike traditional surface stains.

A responsible, environmentally friendly choice
The choice of Canadian Breza—a local species that is processed naturally and doesn’t have to be shipped thousands of kilometers—is a concrete step toward a sustainable future.

Better dimensional stability
This unique process gives wood unparalleled stability and helps it adjust to humidity variations.

What you need to know about wood…
Wood is a natural product that changes color when exposed to light. All species of wood change color after installation, but some of them, like Canadian Breza, change more than most. Canadian Breza will become much lighter a few months after installation, before leveling off.