Best in Laminate – Torlys smart floors

Inspired by nature and created to meet the design needs of any space, TORLYS Laminate flooring will stay beautiful for decades. Richly textured to look and feel like hardwood, TORLYS Laminate flooring brings a welcome elegance to hard-wearing surfaces known for their durability and long life.

TORLYS offers five distinctive laminate flooring collections, each created to fit your design taste and lifestyle. The laminate flooring collections offer style aesthetics with smooth and textured finishes, narrow and wide planks, domestic and exotic wood variations.

Like all TORLYS Smart Floors, a state-of-the-art eco-engineered production process ensures TORLYS® Laminate, created to fit your design taste and lifestyle and environmentally friendly floor. And TORLYS Laminate floors are hypoallergenic: they don’t retain dust mites or allergens, which is a big plus for indoor air quality.

Features of Laminate Flooring

* Impact, wear and stain resistant laminate flooring.
* Laminate floors do not need to be waxed or polished.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring

* Installation of laminate floors are a breeze.
* Cleaning up spills couldn’t be easier.
* Laminate floors offer exceptional value.
* Laminate flooring come in a variety of styles, patterns and options.
* Laminate floors are water resistant.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

* Is it wood or laminate? Only you will know.
* Laminate flooring offers endless design options.
* Laminate floors are hypoallergenic.
* Laminate floors are stain, fade, and moisture resistant.
* Laminate flooring is environmentally-friendly.

Uses of Laminate Flooring

* Laminate flooring is the perfect choice for living and dining areas, playrooms, bedrooms, mudrooms, entrances… absolutely anywhere!

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